i will never understand teenage boys ever because a boy in my gym class said he would feel uncomfortable if there was a gay guy in the change room with them and not even 5 minutes later he tried to shove a hockey stick up his friends ass

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dang girl, you’ll make the prettiest flowers once your body rots into the earth.

2,879 plays Snack Attack A Great Big Pile Of Leaves You're Always On My Mind

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Hey! So if you guys ever see one of these photos on your dash, and the source isn’t me ( teapalm ) or my Flickr ( Tasha Marie ), then please send me a message. THANks! You guys are the best


can’t wait to own dogs with you


Dying King

started this in december.. finally went back and finished it


Just before nightfall I decided to take a walk outside. The sky was low, enveloping any object in its reach. It formed a dull, purplish haze - like nothing I’d seen before. The streets were empty. Not a single soul was out. It was oddly peaceful - imagining I was the only one left.

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